Better Disease Models from
The Gene Mine
The Gene Mine is a world-leading genetic resource.
It has preserved the maximum amount of genetic diversity available from widely diverse founders.
This diversity enables new and better disease models for medical research to be derived from The Gene Mine.
When people say “There is no good model for this disease [or condition]” what they mean is, “I have looked at a few closely-related strains and they all behave the same way”.  This would be like a doctor visiting a family reunion and concluding that all humans had the same traits as that family!
By testing the hundreds of cousin strains from The Gene Mine, one or a few of these cousins are likely to have the “right” combinations of genetic variants that predispose to a disease or trait of interest. Not only does this provide a new model for developing new treatments, but The Gene Mine’s ability to identify genes for complex traits will provide information about the molecular basis of the disease.
There are many other uses of The Gene Mine, and we would be happy to discuss these with interested clients.