Rapid Gene Mapping with
The Gene Mine
The Gene Mine is a world-leading genetic resource.
It uses robust and proven principles for rapidly mapping genes. The Gene Mine can be considered as a huge family tree composed of hundreds of "cousins", each descended from eight great-grandparents. In the example above, each cousin of The Gene Mine is represented by a vertical column in which genes from different great-grandparents are shown in different colors.
The cousin strains can be used to map genes, for example genes that protect against cancer or against adverse drug effects, or in fact for any trait that it is too difficult or expensive to test in humans.
Consider a hypothetical “cancer protection” example. For illustration purposes, we present a simplified model, in which only the strains indicated with a + were found to be protected from developing cancer. 
By comparing their genetic maps, we see these three protected strains only have in common the chromosomal region circled; they all share the same great-grandparent's DNA at that position. None of the susceptible strains have inherited this great-grandparent's DNA at this position. We can then identify the cancer-protection gene in this region.
This approach using The Gene Mine allows identification of genes for many different traits that are medically or commercially important. Obviously, the actual genetic analyses are more complicated than this example, but our technology, which involves highly sophisticated gene mapping software and methodology will allow rapid identification of genes for complex traits that are too expensive or difficult using other methods.
There are many other uses of The Gene Mine, and we would be happy to discuss these with interested clients.